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"Woman- within her is the power to create, nurture and transform."



Founder - Liberate

Liberate is a movement to bring together women, through yoga, guide them to discover themselves, develop their innate potential and dedicate their energy towards their family and societal well-being.


A simple modest beginning, with yoga on the terrace over 365 days, transformed us to highly contented, energetic, healthy, happy and motivated individuals. If we are healthy & happy, we have seen that we can make our families happy.


Aren’t happy families that make a happy society. This is the simple thought that drives Liberate. The bliss that we experienced through yoga is what we want to spread to many more. Our expedition has just begun and we are here to impact one and all.


My story: 'Yoga', the expression has been part of my life, ever since I was in primary school. Exciting it was, because the asanas challenged me. Exciting now because it’s transforming me into a better human being.


Keeping fit, staying healthy has always been the desire and with curiosity creeping in, I ventured into aerobics, swimming, circuit training, gym. It’s been a full circle and I am back to yoga convinced completely that this is my path to liberation.


Studies in Chennai, pursuance of professional passion - teaching and research in Economics at Hyderabad, alongside the drive to stay fit. That’s been my journey, until I took a short break to explore more of yoga.


My evolvement through yoga left me enthralled, filled in the excitement to pursue my passion to teach, not only, the economics of material requisites but importantly welfare! and here I am with Liberate in pursuit of liberation - for us.

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