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Gadget geeks, tech-savvy, the indoor generation- that’s what our children are. Can we give them opportunities to stimulate and challenge their energies? Can we kindle their interests & strengthen their patriotic fervor? Can we help them in their attempt to become responsible citizens?
‘Hyderabad Hopes 2019’ is a maiden exhibition & competition organized by Liberate to channelize our children’s energies, challenge our young minds to come up with their best hopes for Hyderabad by using their technical skills to create visual stimuli than can provide direction and inspire action by many.


Rules for participants (9-14 years) :

The main points to consider are:

  • You must provide us with a valid email address for your parent or guardian – without this you won't be able to enter.


  • Images with watermarks or copyright information will be rejected as they cannot be anonymously judged.

  • Please don't create multiple accounts. Anyone with multiple accounts may be disqualified.

  • Make sure that the image you upload is the highest quality image you have, but not bigger than 10MB and should have 1000 pixels on the longest side saved in JPEG format at 72 ppi. Each image should be labelled with consecutive numbers followed by your name i.e. 1FirstName_LastName.jpg.  Always keep your RAW file(s) and save another version if you make adjustments to the photos.

  • Remember that when a photo is uploaded it is entered into the contest and cannot be changed.


  • Please give along with each photo a brief description (Eg: Photos). These are used at the judging stage and help the judges to understand the thoughts behind your photo.

  • We may ask for the original image to verify that it’s taken with a phone or device. Any photos that can not be verified will be disqualified.

  • The following images will not be accepted and will be disqualified: selfies, borders, frames, watermarks, copyright, overused filters and any emojis or stickers.

  • Remember to save or transfer your mobile phone or device photo onto more than one device in case it’s accidently deleted, or due to be upgraded before the awards ceremony. Backing up your phone or device is always a good idea (where possible).

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